Best Western….

So I have come to the conclusion that people guests who check into Best Western are either stupid or weird. I myself being a stupid and weird person am allowed to make this observation.Now I’m not saying that all of them are these two things, but for the most part they are. For example I had a man come into the lobby today looking for a room. I told him that yes indeed we had a room, but when I told him what the rate was, the dude flipped out asking me if I could give it to him cheaper. Kept on saying that just because I was Mexican and he was Mexican that I should cut him a break…two things came to my mind.

1.) Why the HELL would I do that?!- I just started this job do you really think I would even try to risk my new source of income? Especially since this economy is as shitty as the rehabs that Charlie Sheen has been going to.

2.) Just because I’m Mexican doesn’t automatically mean I’m going to give you free shit. I get it that i’m brown, but dude seriously? Why don’t you try to set an example for your kids. Not to mention you just proved the stereotype that all people think about Mexicans….CHEAP! 

He still got the room…the whole time he was trying to crack jokes with me about Mexicans, and the whole time I ignored him. Sometimes I hate my kind in how stupid they can be. Once again I’m allowed to say that because of my skin.

The other night I worked the graveyard shift….that right there is enough to say, but I’ll continue. I had this lady all dressed in black looking for a room. She had two assistants with her. No it wasn’t Miranda Preisly (If you don’t know where that’s from then I feel sorry for you.) Now this lady was looking for a room with no windows…that right there should have been sign that the woman was crazy. Now at the hotel we don’t have any rooms with out windows, but we do have some with small windows. So I took them to the room. This lady kept on cover her face, and anytime she was coming near to a window when I was showing her the hotel she would really FREAK OUT and start talking to herself. This whole time her assistants her saying that she was fine. I finally showed her the room, and Crazy Lady flipped out upon seeing the tiny window in the corner, and fell to the ground. I helped her up and then walked outside. Before I left I had to ask one of her assistant’s….”Um I’m sorry, but is she alright?” TheY ended up telling me that this lady that they work for has a condition where she believes that every window she sees there is a man outside the window looking at her and wants to kill her! WTF?! If anything at least my job is interesting, unlike my last job Starbucks I was cranky. You’d think that just because you work in coffee you’d be happy all the time, but really its the total opposite….that’s a whole different story.





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