The Reading

Hey everyone! Hope everyone’s night has been going well, just stuck here at the hotel. So far so good, no stupid or weirdo’s have came in, but knowing my damn luck someone is bound to show up. So I’m pretty sure that I haven’t mentioned this yet, but this Sunday is the reading of my play “The Ruiners”  a part of me wants to throw up a little because of this fact. There comes a point in your life after you have been working on the same play for almost two years it starts to hit you. I have been working on the same damn play for almost two years!  There have been so many layers that I have been peeling away and now I have gotten it to a point that I know now that is will be the set story for the play. It has just taken a lot out of me, and now the real work begins. Isn’t it funny how things turn out? In many cases I know that for me the work is in the writing, but what happens after you’ve finished the play? The reading is the next step  and I’m not going to lie but I am scared shitless! Because this is what you have been working for, I could care less if no one likes my play (Ok…I care a little bit.) I just want people to talk about it. There is no such thing as bad publicity, and I welcome it. I don’t know what is going to happen with my play maybe it will just end up collecting dust, but the one thing I know is that I gave it a shot. I just want the chance to share my story with the world. 


P.s.- Highlight of the night I checked in Mr. Luke Perry from 90210. Still looks the same accept the dude doesn’t know how to read because he started playing the piano in the lobby of our hotel. Didn’t he see the sign on top of the piano that said Do not play the piano. Some people just don’t get it…until next post readers. 


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