Bus Stop…

Hey there readers hope everyone’s day is going well. Just here at the the hotel again no Luke Perry today. I’m guessing the fool checked out before my shift started, he probably got my note about not playing the piano, but whatever I’m pretty sure that either way the dude would have still played the piano. He’s Luke Perry…even though he hasn’t done anything in forever I’m pretty sure that he still thinks of himself highly. But let us discuss something different shall we? Here’s the thing I don’t have a car. I used to have a car before I moved to this city. My parents…well actually more my mother decided that I was too much of a liability to have a car in the city. It made me really upset because I was attached to my car to the point that I had given her a name and everything. Her name was Stella, Stella the orange Mazda 3 hatchback. When it came time for me to move I had no idea on how I was going to function without a car especially in Los Angeles. Nothing hurt more than one Christmas vacation when I came home to find that my parents had gotten rid of Stella. Said it was a more of a economical decision then a personal one, but I knew that deep down they just figured that I was never going to come back for Stella and that it would be cheaper on they’re end…after all the car title was still in their name, but I had begged them before to change the car title to mine, but the parental’s wouldn’t budge.  I did everything possible to give Stella to me before I had left for college, but still they wouldn’t move…I’m pretty sure that I had even bribed them at one point, but still they wouldn’t budge. I almost got my father to lift a finger on the idea when I told him that I would throw in a six pack of beer, of course I would give him the money so then he could purchase it, but still my father didn’t budge. I think it was the fact that in our family my mother is the one who really holds the pants. Sure my father is the one who creates the rules, but my mother is the one who dictates them. I’m also pretty sure that all mothers do, but that’s besides the point…the point is that it’s been three years I have been able to manage without a damn car! At first it was really hard, but if I didn’t have a car when I first moved here then I wouldn’t have lost some of the weight that I had before, and when you don’t have a car you WALK EVERYWHERE! It gets exhausting  but hey! At least your getting exercise…I know I go off of subject all the time, but I promise that I’ll get to the root….which will be now. So since I don’t have a car I have to walk to the bus station in order to get to work on time. Is it weird that every time when I walk to the bus station I feel like Viola Davis in “The Help” i don’t know if that’s racist, but that’s how I feel. I mean I guess it kind of works given that I’m Mexican, but anyways back to the story. I always leave early to get to the bus station on time, but the thing that really pushes my buttons is the fact that if I have to walk early to get to the bus stop on time why the hell can’t the damn bus be on time?! Today the bus was really late, and I almost didn’t make it to work on time…not that I really care about my job because its not what I really want to be doing in life, but still I hate feeling all rushed. There are days that the bus doesn’t even show up, that is just not cool dude. Believe me I get it, if I was a bus driver I would hate my life too, but c’mon people need to make a living especially with this shitty economy. The point that i’m trying to make is this….IT’S TIME FOR ME TO GET A CAR! NO MORE BUS! Whither I have readers or not it’s always nice to vent to get some of these things out of my system. Until next post readers.




P.s.- After the bus arrived late, I realized that I was a penny short for the bus. I put all that I had into the meter when the bus driver tried to tell me that I couldn’t ride the bus….I told the dude that he could pay the penny that was short. He said why? I said well it’s because you were late, and I’m sorry a penny is a penny there are bigger things in this world than a damn penny for the bus. You should watch some CNN or better yet read a newspaper. Go to a library and read something! The bus driver just looked at me and then replied with, “I can’t read”. Did I feel like a douche yes I did, but the point is that I still got to ride the bus. Penny short and all. And yes I apologized after I got off…























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