Pet Peeves

Hello reader’s. Hope everyone’s night is going well. I actually have a night off, with nothing to do which is just dandy. It’s nice just to be able to relax. Although I will say it is annoying to be trying to relax in your home and you turn on the TV to watch something, and then you have a certain someone come home and they decide to join you in the living room. Here’s my thing…if you are going to join me in watching something on the TV please refrain from talking during the damn show! Also if you’re going to cough, then please cover your damn mouth. Not everyone wants to get sick in the apartment. These are just some of my pet peeves readers, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in this. So many people have these little ticks, and when those ticks are pushed they can snap. And as I am writing this my tick is pushing me to SNAP! The dude has now coughed 10 times, and not once has he bothered to cover his mouth….if anything I feel sorry for his significant other. The whole night they have been kissing, which makes my skin crawl just to think they are exchanging the perpetual germ infested spit between them, I swear if I hear his mate begin to cough that’s it I’m going to start wearing a SARS mask around the apartment. Their PDA is also a little too much. I rather see lions fight over a dead zebra then to see the two of them all lovey with each other. Here’s another thing readers….if one day you all decided to be with someone, and that person doesn’t know how to respect your living space, especially if you live with other people. I would hope that you would have the respect of your roommates and bring the attention of your girlfriend or boyfriend that they are a slob and that they should work on that little trait of theirs. But once again we can’t all live in a perfect world, we don’t live in a world of “please’s” and “thank you’s” anymore. People always take people for granted, and I would like a fucking “Thank you” for allowing you to stay in my home  when you didn’t have any other place to go. I opened the door for you….not your pretend lover who thinks he can just come and go when he pleases, and use whatever is in the kitchen for their own use. Sticking needles in my eyes sound like a better idea then then to see the two of them try to play “house”. So much for trying to have a night off…..oye vey I think I’ll just open up a bottle of red wine and maybe call it a night early…..until next post readers.




P.s.-I swear if he coughs one more time….


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