Hey there Readers, I know I haven’t kept you up to date with my boring life, but I’m here now. So for the most part I have found my apartment and this week I begin the whole packing phase. Its my least favorite thing about moving. I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s least favorite part about moving. I have never met anyone that enjoys packing everything that they own. And if I did, I would just look at them like they were crazy. The other thing that has happened in my current living situation is that we have no power in the apartment. Oh yes…my roommates and I are living in our apartment “Pilgrim” style. The only light that we have a night are freaking candles and when we need to charge our phones we walk to the local Starbucks. Thank God that they have free wi-fi…if they didn’t then how the hell would I be bale to catch up on my stories. (Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and my personal favorite…Ugly Betty.) By the way I know that it’s been a long time since Ugly Betty has been off the air, but I am just now getting into it…if it’s worth anything I was really into the Mexican version call Betty La Fea (It was just as good.) So anyways I had a good conversation with one of my roommates. Apparently she came to the conclusion that I enjoy starting “Drama” in the apartment. I highly resent this. Its not that I enjoy causing problems, half the freaking time I don’t even realize that I do anything. I can’t help that I have a big ass mouth., but at least I know that I have one, and not deny the fact that I have one. But like I said before I can’t help it that I have one. I just don’t enjoy it when the people around me think of me as this villain with a mustached and a top hat. Of course my roommate was kidding with me, but still it’s never easy to have people tell you that your a villain. Honestly who really cares, but if I’m the villain of my own story who the hell is going to be the hero? Anyways I better get back to work, oh yeah did I mention that I got stuck doing the night audit this entire week at work. Yeah I wasn’t too thrilled about that. The shift starts at 11pm and ends at 7am, so I have been extra cranky because of the lack of sleep. On top of working this crappy shift I have to punch all the numbers from the hotel and the restaurant that’s next door to the hotel. I hate crunching numbers, I was never good at math hence why I went to a performing arts college and got my degree in musical theater. I give so much respect to those people who actually enjoy math, but I’m sorry I hate it! I never liked it even when I’m good at it I still hate it. It’s the biggest puzzle that I will never understand. So once again props to those who love numbers. The only good thing about the night audit shift is that not that many people come in at night, except when we do get people coming in its usually either weirdos, crack addicts, or prostitutes…the prostitutes are usually the classy ones that use their services for really rich white old men or men of a political aspect. There’s never a dull moment here at the hotel. Anyways I need to catch up on my Chelsea Lately until next post readers!


P.s.-The only good thing about the crack addicts walking in is that after I get a good laugh, and then I realized how thankful I am that I’m not addicted to crack. Thank God that I’m addicted to something sensible like Coke Zero…seriously I love coke zero.

Pilgrim Style


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