Hi there readers I know I’m getting lazy, but at least I’m admitting that I’m lazy. For the most part I have no…excuse my language, but no fucking clue if I have anyone following my blog, but for the most part it’s just therapeutic for me. So there hasn’t been much change in my life this past week except for the fact that I got sick….well actually I’m still sick in fact I’m trying to get over the fact that I’m sick. The only thing that I like about getting sick is that you get to watch a lot of netflix. So far I’ve been caught up on all of my shows, and I started watching Ugly Betty. Why is it that I have never seen this show back when it was on the air? As I mentioned it before in my last post I just started watching the show. Seriously this show has all the elements that I need to watch in a show. It has a fantastic heroine  who happens to be Mexican and ugly, which half of the time I can relate to it, but now all the time. That’s that fucking Snorlax demon that I mention in one of my earlier post that likes to creep on you. I really enjoy the show it just sucks that its not on the air anymore, but for the most part I will enjoy what I have on netflix. Sorry….I know I got off topic again. SO I have been sick. The sucky thing about being sick is that I have had to do the whole damn night audit at work these past two weeks, and for some reason the weather has just now decided “Hey maybe I’d[ like to be cold this week at night.” I swear the weather can be such a bitch when it wants to, well actually I should say mother nature, but who really cares. The point is that the weather is a bitch and that I’m sick. I’m pretty sure that I have the flu, but I’m not jumping to conclusions…I really hope that I don’t have the flu cause that would be awful. I have too much crap to do this week and next week. This week I have to collect boxes and start to pack all of my life away for the past year, and then next week is the big move. I really shouldn’t say the “BIG MOVE” because really I’m just moving down the street, but whatever. On top of moving Halloween is next week also so I have to make sure that I don’t drink too much on that night because the day I have to move and lets face it being hung over and “Moving Day” don’t mix. Did I also mention that next weekend is the reading of my play? In one of my last posts I had mention that I was having the reading already, but that never happened due to some scheduling conflicts. I’m hoping that next weekend goes smoothly, but at this rate with my sickness it doesn’t look to promising. Modern day “Charlie Brown” in the making right here, but to be honest at least that makes me interesting. Unlike some people who are just plain boring. No offense to boring people, but I just advise you people to go jump out of an airplane or go do something exciting! Anyways until next post readers, catch you later! 




P.s- I really dislike being sick…I keep on feeling that I have that feeling of wanting to vomit, but really its just my stomach saying to me “Yo! You betta fucking feed me or I’ll cut yo’ ass”. I don’t know why my stomach is deciding to be “black” but when it speaks to me that’s how it sounds. I don’t want to feed it because if I do then it will “cut” me and make me vomit….I hate being sick.


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