Settling In.

Hi there Readers! Reporting here from the hotel again. Hope everyone had a rad weekend. Mine consisted of getting all settled in, in my new apartment. You know what’s weird the fact that I can call it my apartment. So far living on my own is great, except I need to sage the place because last night and the night before I kept of waking up three or four times. I don’t if its the fact that I am now on my own or that maybe there’s a ghost in my apartment. I’ll be honest I can’t deal with stuff like that because of the fact that I am a big freaking baby. I’m a baby especially when it comes to stuff like that because that stuff actually happens. Things like “The Exorcist” or like “Paranormal Activity” actually do happen in houses or in this case my apartment. I’m not saying that it has gotten to the point that I have been picked up from hair by a demon names Toby, but I’m not waiting till that happens so as soon as possible I need to get myself some sage, and SAGE IT UP IN MY APARTMENT. Other than that I love my apartment. It’s already feeling like home. The next big thing is that I need to find some furniture mostly a bookshelf and a couch, and a bed frame. For the past year I have been just sleeping on my mattress on the floor, and I think its finally catching up to me because I wake up with a pain in my back that hurts like hell. So yea things are doing just fine so far here on my end of the woods. I’ll keep you guys up to date again real soon. Later!


P.s.- I really hope that I didn’t just open up a can of spiritual energy for mentioning that I might have ghost in my apartment.


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