Outlets, IKEA, and Stupid People

Hi readers. I’m actually not reporting from the hotel tonight. I’m actually at Starbucks. Can I just say that it was a pain in my ass looking for an outlet. I had to run to two different Starbucks just to be able to find one. The Starbucks that I usually go to was to crowded. They did this whole renovated thing to it, and it just looks really claustrophobic. Not that I’m saying that I’m claustrophobic, but if I had found and outlet at my Starbucks then I’m pretty sure I would have turned into a claustrophobic hot mess. Things are going well in my new apartment by the way. It’s really starting to feel like home. Today I put up my picture frames that I had just bought at IKEA along with the bookshelf that I purchased as well. Can I just say that IKEA instructions are deceitful. First of all the instructions are all pictures. Which at a glance you think, “Hey! This is going to be a piece of cake”, and then you start doing the damn project and then you realized that all that hard work of practicing in kindergarten with putting the shapes into its correct cut-outs were a waste of freaking time. I finally figured out how to put the bookshelf together. It only took me a whole hour to do it, but I now have a lovely bookshelf in my living space. I’ll be putting up pictures of my new living space up real soon for all you readers who are actually reading my blog. In other news once again I have been blessed with stupid people in my life. What else is new? I know that I vent about the stupid people that grace me with their presence in my life, but at the same time if I didn’t have a place to let it out I would just keep in inside and then well I would be screwed. Anyways here it goes….apparently I have the word “Dishrag” written on my forehead. I could care less if I ever became friends with this person ever again, what I don’t appreciate is the disrespect of this one individual that this one person has bestowed upon. If you’re guessing that I once lived with this person then you are absolutely right. It’s really frustrating when you do a favor for someone and then they can’t even return the favor back. This person got into and accident…blah,blah, BLAH. That part of the story is irrelevant, the point is that I covered their damn shift when they got into their accident. Now I am actually getting the chance to go see my family for Thanksgiving for two days. I never get to go back home for the holidays accept for Christmas and that’s even cutting it short. You see my mother gives me a choice every year on what holiday to go home for, and of course I always pick Christmas. The only reason why its different this year is because well my grandfather wants all to be together for Thanksgiving which I can respect because family is family. So I expressed this to the idiot. I simply asked him that since I helped him out if he and I could just switch shifts on Tuesdays so then I could possibly get an earlier flight back home. The bitch decided to be a douche-bag and said that he needed his sleep because he had an event the next morning….which by the way is a singing group that he quit because he wanted to gain…I believe the word was “better” opportunities for himself  as a “performer”. I’m sorry, but last time I checked that if you quit something and then you go back to it is kind of annoying. Make up your damn mind! Indecisive people are the most annoying people on the planet. And I know this because I AM INDECISIVE! Which I hate about myself, but right now were talking about something else. I just don’t understand stupid people. I thought this person was my friend, but then he moved and decided to forget about me and other people. If anything I helped him out when he need someone the most, why can’t he just do this one thing for me? Like I said I could care less if we became friends again because lets face it readers the chances of that is a million to one. I’m sure I’ll figure something out like I always do. Anyways I hope you all are having a better night then I am. I think I’ll enjoy some netflix now. By the way if you need a new show to watch I recommend that you all watch “Parenthood”. That Monica Potter knows how to act. Until next time readers, later. 




P.s- I know I rant a lot, but just please bare with me.


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