The Anatomy of Grey….


Hey there readers! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was really short, but hey! What else do expect when you work in the hotel industry? Well as you all know (For those of you who have been reading my blog) The show that I was mostly been talking about was “Ugly Betty”, but now my obsession with that show has come to end. The show only had five seasons and well I finished watching all of them. I have finally bit the bullet and well I have turned to….yes you guessed it “Grey’s Anatomy”. I know…now I’m just like everyone else, but you can’t blame me. It has a really good pilot that sucks you in like a freaking vortex! I will say this though I feel that the doctors on this show should diagnose themselves as sex addicts. They are way too horny.

Also the show has a lot of heart and tumor problem story-lines but I guess I can understand that…it is a medical drama after all. My favorite part about the show is of course “Cristina Yang”, who is played by the lovely Sandra Oh. Who doesn’t love an anal cardio loving Asian doctor who doesn’t know how to let people in! I will say this though thank God she didn’t get married to “Dr. Burke” at the end of Season 3. That dude was more of a girl than Cristina. He bitch about everything…his life, about her, about how she didn’t know how to love him, and of that when she decides to marry the guy he has the balls to dump her at the isle. But I guess its understandable especially when you call one of your fellow actors a F@%OT. Stupid Dr. Burke thinking he can call T.R. Knight that and try to get away with that! We were all rooting for you Mr. Knight.

And then there is Ellen Pompeo who plays our central character “Meredith Grey”…that girl is f@ck in the head. But I would be too if I had mommy problems. Which let’s face it everyone has that problem. Although her story-line with “Dr. Mcdreamy” which is Patrick Dempsey is exhausting… just get married and get it over with. I mean damn Meredith…the dude cheated on his wife with you, and yes I understand that he did pick lazy eyed “Dr. Addison Montgomery” over you first, but he’s not with her….and I think she doing pretty well for herself on “Private Practice” (Although I did hear that the current season that its in is its last season.)

Nevertheless the show is great, and I’m already into Season 4 so we will see what else is going to be happening in the land of “Seattle Grace Hospital” For all those readers who are actually reading I have decided to set a goal for myself. I am going to be trying to lose at least 15 lbs by my 24th birthday which will be next month. So far I have been actually doing pretty well. I have been counting calories like crazy, and I get up every morning around 8am and I do a 3 mile run! I’m really proud of myself, but I realized that when I don’t eat I get really bitchy. My best friend and her boyfriend got a dose of that the other night when we were all hanging out. I felt really bad about that. So I just need to eat like every 4 hrs or something. I try to at least eat 6 times a day which is a really good way to boost your metabolism. What else has been going? Oh yeah! Well I found out that I have to freaking work on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and also  New Years Eve because a certain someone went off and wined like the baby that they are to one of our managers here at the hotel. I don’t care if you have been working here longer than me. I have a life too you know! I told my manager that if I work all of the holidays then I better get my birthday weekend off, so I guess I have a prize at the end waiting for me. I’m going to Vegas for my birthday which why I want to lose the wait in time so I can look good walking the strip. Although I do wish that my birthday weekend doesn’t turn into The Hangover Part III…cause we all know that would suck big time! Until next post everyone, and happy holidays!


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