Running…or dying?

Running...or dying?

Hey there readers! Just here reporting from the hotel. Just another night filled with drunks, hookers, and stupid people. All the perks of running the night here at Best Western. I know its not a typical a job, but it pays the bills. In other news this morning I went for a 3 mile run after I did my night audit. Was I freaking tired? You bet your ass I WAS! But here’s the thing, I had to. Since I have been on this journey of wanting to loose 15lbs by my birthday I have been hitting the running shoes hardcore. So far with my running I have feel 10 time more stress free. Which is a good thing, and not to mention I know in most cases many therapist would look at my case and say that I am the “Road of Recovery”, but honestly I just look at it as ME NOT KILLING the idiotic people that I encounter in my life. I will say this though. Running this morning did hurt a little. That’s only because the wind this morning was so damn cold that it kept piercing my freaking lungs. It was like I had eaten a sack full of needles which at this point sounds more appealing because I have NOTHING in my pantry. So if anyone would like to donate some food or money to me that would be nice. The life of paying bills and living on your own. Being an adult sucks, but hey what can you do? Right? Is it just me? Or does anyone else feel like it isn’t December? Maybe its my lack of Christmas spirit, but I just don’t feel like its Christmas or December. I feel like its February…which no offense to anyone who has a deep love for that month, but I hate it. It always reminds me of my lack of relationships. Personally I celebrate Valentines Day with me a bottle of wine and a Slasher Flick Marathon. I think I win on that day don’t you think? Anyways I’ll keep you posted on my lack of the Holiday spirit readers. Until next post.


P.s.- I think my lack of the Christmas spirit has something to do with the world ending this year…

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One thought on “Running…or dying?

  1. Brittany says:

    Your job sounds intriguing. HAHA. I feel like I am dying sometimes when I run too..that feeling never goes away.

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