I Live at the End of the World….

Readers…I live at the end of the world. I live in Noho…which is at the end of the world. It’s considered a city, but really it should be considered a town. If you have been keeping up with my blog, most of you know by now that I worked at a hotel and that I run the night audit. So every morning when I get home from work I take a shower and then go to sleep. I wake up and its night time and its time for me to go to work again. I woke up this evening to this crazy wind that is blowing outside. I seriously think that its the Devil’s wind because its the point that it might as well be blowing down everything in site including myself. I checked the forecast and apparently in other parts of California the wind isn’t even this crazy! And of course at the End of the World where I live the wind would be its craziest. I feel that all states have an “End of the World” part to their cities. For New York its “Hell’s Kitchen” and then in Arizona it’s ‘”Mesa”. Basically the point of this post is this….I live in the most fucked up place in all of LA. When people ask. “Oh where do you live” I tell them ” Oh you know…the valley.” “What part in the valley?” and I usually take a pause and then I reply with “Noho”…..and of course I always get a blank face stare. Like if North Hollywood is freaking Mars or something. Look I know that I live at the “End of the World”, but at least it’s quiet enough that I don’t have to be waking up in the middle of the night to helicopters or sirens or babies crying in the middle of the night. I like my “End of the World” because its MY “End of the World”. If I were to ask you where you live, and you replied with whatever answer. I wouldn’t look at you like you’re and idiot and judge you for where you live. They always say, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION…yeah? Well screw that saying because it doesn’t matter where you live because the only thing that matters is that if you call it a home, then its your home. Its no one else’s its YOUR HOME. Anyways I live at the end of the world! And I’m proud to call it my HOME!


P.s.- And another thing…I like where I live because at the end of the world there is a Denny’s right down the street from me!


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