Why Pterodactyls Like to take a Big Ol Crap on My Birthday!

Why Pterodactyls Like to take a Big Ol Crap on My Birthday!

Hey there bloggers. I know its been forever since my last post, but if you have been keeping up with my posts you all know the drill. So next week is my 24th birthday…which means I’m close to 25, which means that just 5 more years until I’m 30. My twenties are slipping away people. That is why so far for each year of my twenties I have been trying really hard to make each year memorable. My 20th birthday I moved to L.A. On my 21st I’m pretty sure I got alcohol poising (As I’m sure most of the human race on their 21st have.) My 22nd I went to Disneyland, and then last year for my 23rd I went to San Francisco for the first time ever spontaneously. So far each year they have been pretty memorable, but for my 24th I decided that I would plan a trip to VEGAS! That’s right VEGAS! I thought I would have a good ol fashion “Hangover” style Vegas 24th this year…so this is where the title of this post comes in. So each year so far for my birthday of my twenties they have been memorable, but for some reason something always goes wrong. I think that I’m cursed. You know how there are those people in life who on their birthday they always have everything go perfect for them because either A.) They have made a pact with the Devil or B.) Because I think that they have a “Birthday Fairy” following them around. But for me its a different story. I hoenstly believe that I have a FREAKING PTERODACTYL following me around who on my birthday likes to take a bog freaking steaming CRAP on it. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason it is what it is. I know some people have rain clouds following them around, but for some reason I have damn Pterodactyl (which by the way is a complete bitch.) Now of course this Pterodactyl is imaginary, metaphorical, and of course extinct but this damn this is a pain in my ass. It’s not just my birthday, but it likes to take little craps every now and then in other situations. If you have been reading my other blogs you can figure it out for yourself, but seriously what did I do to deserve this? I would be fine with a rain cloud, but NOOOOOOOOO I have to have the Pterodactyl! For example, on my 20th birthday yes I moved to a new city to start a new life. My family was helping me get all settled in at college, that night they just decided to go back to the hotel, and forget the fact that it was my birthday. I didn’t even get a cupcake with a candle or nothing! On my 21st the alcohol poisoning…need I say more? On my 22nd I went to Disneyland by myself. And on my 23rd yes it was spontaneous, but we drove around till dawn looking for a hotel because we didn’t book one (Okay that one I can understand that was our faults, but at the same time you would be pissed too!) Which brings me to my Vegas trip…everyone that I invited has bailed after I’ve made the reservation for the hotel and everything! I understand people have lives and whatnot but I just wanted to have a good time with my friends. So in conclusion I have decided that just because I can’t go to Vegas I might as well go balls out here in L.A. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I have a week to figure it out. Just once I’d like for this Pterodactyl to give me a freaking break. If you have any ideas readers about how I should celebrate the big TWO-FOUR send me a message! Until next post!


P.s- Now I understand how the Flintstones must of felt back in Bedrock…

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