It’s Been A While…

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking…where the hell have I been? I apologize right now for the hiatus. I’ve had a lot of things happening in the past couple of months. Up until now I have decided to not be so quiet anymore and just really speak my mind about a lot of things. To the readers who have been keeping up with my blog thank you very much and you all know that I am an honest person, but on my blog. In real life I can be a bit of a chicken, but no more! Its one of my resolutions. With that being said let me fill you in what has been happening with me.

I still work with a bunch of idiots at the hotel. Currently I want to try and find something new, but in the mean time I’m just going to have to deal with all the hookers, drunks, and idiots of the hotel. The funny thing is that at one point my incompetent dumb-ass of a manager quit and then decided to come back after just one of quitting. I was really disappointed in finding out the news that he had return. He actually had the nerve to try and be hard with us front desk people after he returned. I’m sorry, but if your going to quit a job where no one gave you any respect in the first place what makes you think that we’re going to give you respect now? Most of the older employees who have been working here at the hotel for forty something years can all agree that it doesn’t matter what generation you are from…we can all agree on one thing and that is that our manager is an idiot, that and that the owner of the hotel can croak at any minute. The dude is really old. I love elderly people but when its their time to go its their time to go.

I’m actually getting my play up which is really exciting! I have already done the rewrite of the play and have a reading. Next step is getting it up with my friends theater company that she is a part of. I might actually be able to establish myself as a playwright in LA. Which is pretty rad I might say myself 🙂

I’m still single and by the way today is Valentines Day and I could give two shits. No really I could care less. I hate this holiday and its not that I’m single. Oh no! I do pretty well on this day. I spend the night drinking and watching horror movies. I love it and I recommend to all the single guys and ladies out there. I think the worst thing about this holiday is that I have to work at the hotel right now and deal with all the couples who think we are the freaking W Hotel. News flash! If you want something classy then go book a hotel that is classy because we are nowhere near it!

In other news my personal life is hanging by a thread. No really its hanging by a thread. The few friends that I do have I thought were my friends, but lately they have all been bullshitting me and lets face it…I don’t have time for bullshit. I have way to many other things to worry about than to deal with the flakiness of some people. I don’t like flakes the only flakes I like are the frosted kind and sometimes I can only take those in small doses. People do you ever feel that sometimes you have been thrown, no catapulted back into high school? This is a result with surrounding yourself with bullshitters. And we can’t take part of a world that is filled with bullshit. So I say this…get rid of the bullshitters now before they take over your life. Because before you know it you will be stuck in high school. I’m 24 years old! I don’t have time for this shit.

I’m just tired of a lot of things people and I just want to be the best person that I can be. Also I want friends who will actually be there for me when I need them. Not just when they feel like being here. I’ve had to many people like that in my life its time to just weed them out once and for all.

I promise I’ll keep up to date. Sorry for being lazy, but we have all been there some days. To all those who are celebrating Valentines and enjoying themselves have a nice night.


P.s.- I can’t decide on either Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Scream Trilogy for tonight hmmm….

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