Morning People…or What I Like to Call Really Angry Dumbf@ck People.

Morning Readers just reporting here at my local Starbucks. I just got off my graveyard shift at the hotel. The wifi and the cable were both out last night which means that it was a really long night. I can’t tell you how much I want to find a new job readers. Usually when I start getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach it means that its time for me to either find a new job or to transfer to a different hotel. And as I always say that if you have been reading my blog from the looks of it it means that I just need to get a new job. I’m really getting sick and tired of working there.  There are nothing but idiots at that place…anyways so I got on the 155 bus that I always take every morning from my job. Sometimes I’ll walk but lately I have been just taking the bus. I get home quicker which means I get to go to sleep sooner. When I’m the bus or when I walk home I can’t help but notice how angry people are in the morning. 

I get it…its the morning. Not all people are morning people. This morning when I got on the bus there was this little old lady sitting in front of me. I simply said good morning and waved to her. She replied with a “F@ck Off” and “Leave Me Alone”. Did I also mention that the old hag snarled at me. At first I thought she might be mentally challenged but then I realized “Nope she meant every word that she said to me.” 

Now I didn’t say anything back because that is not my nature…plus I figured that the old lady was either drunk or on crack or she just simply hated her life. It happens. I got off the bus and began to walk towards the crosswalk. Now I know that there are Morning people but if you a morning person and you drive then you are what I like to call Angry Dumbf@ck People.

These are people that you affiliate with road rage…I was just about to enter the crosswalk when this bitch of a person driving a Range Rover almost ran me over. I had the right a way and this person was too busy talking on their cell phone. I could have been killed. Well let me tell you something I turned around so fast that I ended up giving them the finger. 

My point is that mornings are rough and they are even rougher when you have just finished an eight hour graveyard shift with no wifi and no cable. Watch where you are going in the mornings when you are driving and by all means if you are an old lady and you hate your life or you’re a drunk or you’re on crack please refrain from taking the 155 bus. It would make my morning a lot brighter if you didn’t. 

Time to go home and hit the hay. Later readers! 



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