Good morning fellow readers, hopefully everyone had a good nights rest. Unfortunately for me I didn’t…its probably because of the lack of bed frame that my mattress needs, but hopefully that will all change when comes to me finding my new place. Yes, that’s right I am in the middle of looking for a new place. The apartment that I live in now has been fun, but its time for a change. And even though I will not be going to the new apartment that my other roommates have decided to move into together I know now that things are for the best and that all things happen for a reason. The plus side about me living on my own is that I can finally be able to call myself an independent and not have to worry about the likes of others. The only problem is that I need to find the damn apartment first. So far I’ve had three apartments lining up, and once again I’ll use the word hopefully I’ll find a shining jewel is a sea of coal. But like all great things it takes time to find them. There’s the price, the area, and the feeling of the apartment. When I mean the feeling of the apartment I mean the feeling that you get when you come home after a very long trip. You want to be able to make a place your own and to call it home. These are all things that take time a effort, and a lot of freaking patience, and lets face it if you have been read my other posts so far my patience can run dry, but slowly and steadily my patience is growing. I my patience only becomes weak when it comes to the stupidity of people, and lets face it there are a lot of stupid people especially in the city of lost angels. The one thing that I wish is this change will be all worth it, and I have feeling that it will be. Speak to you very soon fellow readers. 


P.s- If you are looking for an apartment and the area is Van Nuy…good luck Van Nuys is half a step from Little Mexico, and even though I am Mexican my fellow  people  will be able to smell the white off of me. 


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